Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Dad's vineyard is also a pumpkin patch. Here's Pumpkin with a hefty product.

The grapes have been harvested and my parents had a good crop of Chardonnay this year.

This is the Lachlan river at a spot called "Second Sands". The sands have shifted and the river is not quite the same as when I was a boy. However, a splash in the river was some welcome respite from the heat-wave (late summer?) that has arrived.

Jan and Les adopted two ducklings and they have grown large now. I learnt that male ducks have sex feathers. Can you pick the male?

Jen and I slung a leg each over the GS500 and rode to Bathurst. We stayed with the Peel Street lads on Sunday evening and then rode to Bateman's Bay via Oberon on Monday. It was pretty late by the time we arrived back in Canberra! (And my butt was rather saddle sore!)


Anonymous said...

I say it's the duck on the left. Us females get ripped off when it comes to nature. Not only do we get stuck giving birth to them but we look crappy and dull compared to the males. :(
Joey A

Alcifer said...

Hello Night-owl, you are correct.