Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Burning rubber, petrol and timber

A poor driver bent our clothesline. Brute human strength straightened the pole a little. We were finally granted an excuse to tie a motorbike to something and rev. This short movie evinces our attempt.

Glynn and I gathered firewood from around the neighborhood and carried it back to construct our bonfire on Scrivener Street.

Steve's fire-skills were in short supply so the handy can came out.

Jenny dragged K.P. around by a stick.

And then Steve spanked him while the fire grew.

In the end, our wild instincts reigned and Glynn was snapped here impersonating a possum.

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KP said...

Since Kp doesn't have access to a computer, I feel I must comment for him. Your caption about KP and Jen is incorrect, it should read, "KP dragged Jen around with a stick."