Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mexico on Moncrieff

Phil and I were so glad to bask under the restored gas lamp.

Mixy poses with Claire, Trace' and Lauren. Mix posted a few photos on his blog too.

Jen styles and item from her own line of Mexican attire and Amy swims in that sombrero.

Another great Monc' party brought to you by the police. Oh, actually, they were against the party. Oh well, tough for them!

Trace was really roaring around on the toy-wheelchair that Scotty found underneath some guy at the shops. And THEN, I fixed the brakes because they were locked on and we really picked up some speed!


McMaster said...

How good was that lantern!

Alcifer said...

Mate, she's a real beauty. I would love to have a lamp like that in my yard! It emits such a pleasant, warm light.

Logan said...

Nice photo Pinks. Remind me to hate you when I see you next.

Alcifer said...

"Logan" is Tracey? Is this a publicity stunt to attract traffic to your blog?