Sunday, October 12, 2008

Two-day keg

This morning, I shot 491 in "standard pistol". The weather has been fantastic, so Jenny and I rode to Gundaroo on the GS. We drank Zeeholtz (pale ale and draught) and ate beer-battered chips at the Royal Hotel.

Steve, recently returned from Dunedin, helped us finish what little imitation Hoegaarden remained after Friday's Singstar evening. Steve went down in Scrabble but I know that he was playing his usual game and holding out for particular words with impact.

I selected a piece of Queensland coal that had been shipped to me by Scotty and prepared to incinerate it.

A little kerosene and I was in business. Wood burns well and so does coal. Honeycomb burns really well! (No bees were harmed).

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McMaster said...

glad the bees are gone!

Katie said...

Um... why were you burning the coal? Or is it one of those male pyromania things that I'll never understand? :P

Alcifer said...

Hi Katie, the coal was a gift.

Katie said...

How romantic!