Monday, October 27, 2008

Roberts' 27th birthday celebrations

Jenny and I rode the GS500 to Kensington on Saturday in order to toast Roberts' 27th birthday. Ross and Olga will share in that exquisite pleasure that is gaping at Hall and I in our bathers. Of course, they should already know that the most accurate way to judge time is by the Roberts-Beer method.

Plumbing has come some way since Todman avenue days: Roberts and I took turns to urging each to perform pool-tricks for treats.

Terrible cast by Roberts here.

Darlinghurst's Lord Roberts kept the food and beers up to us until mid-night and then we were thrown out because every barman worth his salt knows what happens to JB after midnight.

Robets vividly describes the day's harrassment.  (Very animated; so funny!)

The lads and I pose after our lengthy struggle with pool.


McMaster said...

Looks like great weekend and would of loved to of been there, Happy bday to roberts.

Alcifer said...

It was pretty good fun. Jen and I turned in at about 3am while Roberts continued trying to please women at Scruffy Murphy's. The pub had a very incongruent Halloween/Irish theme on last Saturday night.