Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Bathurst Squash Tournament

On Sunday, our party of five played a squash tournament at the Panthers Club in Bathurst. My final game was with Mixy and it was a total slog-fest.

It was a real blast (and totally free fun). I took four victories, Marko three, Mixy two, Louis one and Jen had a great time.

Having worked up a serious thirst over three hours, we quenched that thirst (and more) with Marko's latest dry lager brew poured from his new keg system.

In fact, we happily emptied the kegs. Sorry Lee!

We parked ourselves in the garage/make-shift bar and must have been some entertainment to pedestrians.


Ash said...

Looking forward to our game this week Pinko! Will have to bring you back down to earth!

McMaster said...

Trying to work out how you took 5 victories with only 4 opponents or did you count Ash as a forfeit and therefore a win!

Alcifer said...

Ash, the raptor is coming for you!

[On raptors]:
Dr. Alan Grant: Fast for a biped?
Muldoon: Cheetah speed. Fifty, sixty miles an hour if they ever got out into the open, and they're astonishing jumpers...

Mix, that's a good idea! (Though I made the correction).