Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Madness @ Moose

Phil is on the surveillance camera at the Moose. I hope they blanked the tape after Friday night! (My tape was mostly blank by the end of our night, too). What - starting with bubbly!

Then it was cheap pints with the lads.

And two dollar schooners with Goose, Charlie and Jester.

Hi Jess!


jessica angwin said...


Its suprising that the photo of Adam and I was taken straight after your drinking efforts!

So your in chemistry...I know a few people in the RSC, do you know Mary Gresser (my flatmate) and her boyfriend Jens?


Alcifer said...

Hi Jess,

It must have been Jen on the camera - my focus was a little out by that stage obviously.

I know of Mary, though we haven't been introduced. I know Jens; He is a post-doc in my group here.



Rimsy said...

Jester's dead! Good seeing you guys on friday. Love the photos. Let's do it again sometime soon.