Saturday, May 26, 2007

Rugby: Victory over Queanbeyan, 5-0

A sweet day (still, sunny, 17°C) was made even sweeter when my rugby team, the Owls, put Queanbeyan away 5-0 at our home ground today. Hat tip to the blokes (Options, Hollywood, and Will) who helped line me up to cross the line just prior to half time.

It was a three-yellow-card-match but none came my way. (Can you see that I am half-a-foot off the ground here?) Action photography: Jen


Rimsy said...

Onya Pink! Nice hit on that guy after the knock on. Thought it might have been on for a second. Good win and nice try.

Anonymous said...

you are one tough cookie pinko! nice hit!

Hey, I am a member of the Cowra race thingy and my oldies have the marquee in Cowra. Mum and Dad have kind of moved to town, viv said it is either at the farm or in town but she will have a look and let me know. Most likely it is in town so you will be able to pick it up. I'll email you and let you know.

have fun at the races, wish i was coming