Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Bubbly @ North

FREE TAPAS AND CHAMPAGNE FRIDAY! Relax after work with delicious free tapas and glasses of champagne, It's the perfect way to wind down a long week and it won't cost you a thing Friday 5 - 7pm.

Hi Glynn and Jen.

Hi Kara and Alex! See you guys again this Friday.

Nice tip on the venue, but how could you do it to me with rugby the next day!?


angewalsh said...

Wow! What a beard you are sporting at the moment Pinks! Is that to keep you warm in the Canberra winter?

McMaster said...

Hey Pinko if move to CanB def going for be there, you can play rugby hungover, compliments on the beard so plannig on any stage coach robberies in the near future, might have to regrow my mo

Louis said...

Cant wait to hear about the latest trip to the cowra picnic races.
Im sure they'll be even crazier than last year!