Saturday, April 29, 2006

Narooma Beach

It is my first weekend back in Canberra for a few weeks (after Easter and ANZAC weekends) so I considered that I was overdue for some posts. Of course it was fun to catch up with my Cowra friends a fortnight ago. I have a few photos here from my trip away to Narooma last weekend. My unversity rugby union team, the Owls, has finished trials now and our official competition starts next week - I wonder if I could get hold of some action shots or video...?

Clouds starting rolling in on my last morning at Narooma Beach for a while.

Our family mascot, Barkley, was overjoyed to be along for the trip.

Morning bodysurfing experiences certainly are a treat. Oh, if only we had a beach here in Canberra!

Jenny and I are shown suiting up for our diving over the weekend. There were seals, sharks, rays and lots and lots of fish. Oh, and golf balls! (We had one of our dive sites adjacent to a golf course). Jan and Les have some great photos that I will try and chase up.

Eurovision Song Contest 2006

Jenny, Kev, Dunc' and I have been selected as some of the new poster boys and girls for the impending Eurovision Song Contest. Screenings will be held live at the ANU and impromptu covers of Tom Jones will be provided at random moments by the Duncsta'.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Paintball Sports ACT

Last Saturday, after rugby at Queanbeyan, and prior to the Belco' Bash, I attended a RACI-sponsored paintball day at Paintball Sports ACT. Out near the airport, deep in a pine forest I had my fourth exilerating session of paintballing. I really love paintballing and I just cannot recommend it enough. It was a blast. The photo above shows Jenny and I posing after the match with fifteen fellow chemists who came out for the afternoon.

A special mention to a fellow Cowra-ite, Sam Clements, working part-time at the range and best wishes for your potential career in the AFP.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Belco' Bash

The hostess with the "most-est" - Finn' fires up. Thankyou for hosting such a fun party, Paula!

The zebra herds graze on the grasslands and savannahs of central west New South Wales. An adult zebra has a mass of up to 235kg and can run at a speed of 80km/h. When the herd is alarmed the zebra move quickly in all directions. Their stripes dazzle the predator and make it difficult to tell one zebra from another.

Jo impatiently awaits an important phone call.

Hi girls. It was great that Mel and Ange (and Jo and Shaun too) made the trip down to Canberra from Sydney on the weekend.

Go Big Jo!

Great seeing you guys and look forward to catching a few of you at home in Cowra over Easter time, right?

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Duncan Sutherland... or Tom Jones?

Five dollar schnitzels at PJ's in Civic are becoming a staple. So - now quite a crowd gathers in town and Duncan is quick to oblige with some of his characteristic entertainment. View the video (2.08 MB).