Friday, October 28, 2005

Thursday Ritual at O'Neil's, Dickson

Celebrity spotters were treated last night as "Ash" Kearton (lead guitarist from the popular indie/rock band Money Shot 101) was spotted wetting his whistle at the busy O'Neil's Hotel in Dickson.
His party, including Jenny H, Louie M and this author unwound for a few hours but declined to make an appearance in Civic due largely to impending academic concerns. A late start for Jenny H indicated that a last-minute backflip had taken place. Posted by Picasa

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Rini said...

Pinko, Pinko, Pinko!
And where was the line "and the deeply missed Karina ditched us for other mates of obviously not very good company." "We hope that one of these days that she will join us back at the Thursday night ritual!" The admiration is there your site is awesome! But have you checked mine out however i think it needs up dating!!!