Monday, October 10, 2005

The Plate Shot

This photo is actually from a few months ago and was taken at the house-warming of a few good friends of mine that live in Moncrieff Street in Dickson. I happen to actually detest this photo, but due to popular demand I have posted it on the site. Ash "Ash" Kearton, a minor (keep an eye on him) celebrity and skilled guitarist from the punk/rock band Money Shot 101 happens to be a major proponent of the absurd "plate shot". So Ash - this post is dedicated to you!
It was pleasing to see how much you enjoyed watching your name-sake in action last night. At the house previously and thoroughly warmed, we watched the cult classic, Army of Darkness starring Bruce Campbell as Ash. I anticipate that a photograph taken at O'Neill's hotel in Dickson (on our Thursday pilgrimage) of you, Ash Kearton, in a ripped blue shirt, with a strap-on shotgun holster, and brandishing a chainsaw on one arm will easily put my "plate shot" in the shade. Posted by Picasa


I'm the guy with the gun said...

I can't believe that there have been no comments on this most excellent piece of photography! I think it's like i said the other night, the people of Canberra, nay, the people of the world, are just not ready for such a brilliance... I guess what we're experiencing must be a lot like what so many great minds through history have experienced; so revolutionary in their ideas that society was completely dumbfounded and simply could not understand or appreciate what was being presented to them. To the people of the world i say to you, it's time to wake up and smell the roses! Your primitive intellect may not understand things with alloys and compositions and things with ... molecular structures... But it's time the little overweight mouse inside your head got off the cheese and back on his little wheel; it's time to join the revolution! Hail to the king baby!!!

Alcifer said...

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