Sunday, October 02, 2005

Mobile phones...

Why mobile phones are bad and the solution to them:

Written letters are so much nicer to look back on (and receive) than SMS messages.

So much money is wasted just ringing someone who is coming to meet you when you know that they will be there soon anyway.

People are losing the ability to plan things properly. Once upon a time, when someone said, "let's meet up there and then," they actually remembered to and were on time.

Bosses no longer hire or promote people because they are reliable and good leaders. Why not just hire some stupid lump, hand him a mobile phone, and just check on him every two hours?

Some mobile phone owners don't live in the present - they are checking for SMS's and looking for somewhere else to go, and someone else to talk to even if they're at the most awesome party ever. Watch - they just can't appreciate their immediate surroundings any more.

Phones interrupt a lot of important things. Someone's just opening up and trying to tell you something dear or important to them but you just received an SMS. You're boinking and having the time of your life - hang on, I've got a call!

Who wants expensive plastic to lug around so that you become a target for theives and muggers? Heaps of people, I guess. Not to mention that phones are delicate pieces of equipment and need replacing after hard knocks!

Mobile phones allow you to call the person you want to speak to - and your world shrinks because you don't meet their family or housemates like you ordinarily would be calling the landline phone. It's not hard to say hello to a friend of a friend sometimes - maybe you will get to like them...

These are some of the reasons why I'm not keen on mobile phones. I was urged to buy one back in 2000 for my job as a remedial builder in Sydney. A couple of years later, I took the ultimate step and sacrificed my phone in the name of decency and to escape back to the present. A high speed collision with a tree worded well for my Nokia 3210, but a short flight into a creek also worked quite well for my friend's phone after we had chatted about them for a while. He said later that it was one of the most liberating things that he had ever done!

So anyway - phones suck - toss them and start living. It'll hurt at first, but in the long run you'll appreciate it. And use the money that you save to do fun things that make good memories too, like:

Learn to dance
SCUBA diving
Learn French
Dress better
Join a gym
Buy a cool bike
Get flowers for girls/boys
Drive to the mountians

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