Sunday, August 07, 2011

Some more Sunburst

Here's those other photos from the Sunburst Half-Marathon (run in early June) that I had promised.

From Sunburst2011

Since then, my running buddy, Cat, was out of action after losing some bark training for a triathlon. I experimented (against good advice) with running barefoot and missed out on the Logan Run due to injury this weekend. I'll be looking to resume my training with even greater intensity soon!

From Sunburst2011

We jubilantly finished the race on the hallowed turf in the Notre Dame stadium.

From Sunburst2011

Soon, I'll post some photos from great summer activities like boating, golfing and having picnics.

By the way, tickets are booked and for those interested, I'll be touching down in Aus come October 11.


Ange Spruce said...

Hey Pinks!
Love seeing what you're up to on your blog! So you're coming back to Oz in October.. how long for? Will you be in Cowra?
anyways hear from you soon!

Alcifer said...

Hey Flange! Thanks for your kind comment. I'll be back for good on the 13th of October. Probably hit the piss up in Sydney that weekend and then make Cowra my base over the summer. I will look to do a bit of motorcycling in the fine weather too! It'll be great to catch up with the Spruces.

Ange spruce said...

Wow! Back for good! With Cowra as your base I'll definitely be seeing you then yay!