Friday, July 22, 2011

May and June runs

Cat, Josh and I ran in a 5 km race at Granger in the second-half of May. Here are a couple of shots that Emily took of Cat and I coming down the home straight. My time was 22 minutes and something-or-other.

From 2011-05-14
From 2011-05-14

Afterwards, Emily and I took a ride along the East Bank Trail in to town for lunch.

From 2011-05-14

And then I was rolled in this game of chess.

From 2011-05-14

Cat and I kept training and then ran, on a sweltering morning in the start of June, in the Sunburst Half-Marathon in South Bend. We finished the race in the stadium on campus. Our time was a bit over two hours. There's a few more photos from this race that I will upload shortly and paste into my next post.

From 2011-06-04


Scarykrill said...

Another couple of races, I don't beleive it!
the run was for a training - the uni national rogaine champs is in a couple of weeks and I want to get back to my old form. Currently no injuries and I'm moving well.
Heard you will be back in OZ soon.

Alcifer said...

Where is the rogaining competition at, Phil? And over what distance is it run? Will you hold off on submitting your thesis until I return on Oct 11?

Scarykrill said...

Mate, my thesis will definately not be submitted by Oct 11. The Rogaine is a time limit (24 hours) not a distance - although we expected to cover over 100kms to win because WA is so flat. Its somewhere near Perth