Thursday, September 30, 2010

Puss moves and we visit Cowra

On Monday the 9th, following Jen's soccer game on Sunday, we decided to relocate Puss to Cowra. It was figured that he would love it there where he could lounge in front of a wood-fire, hunt mice around stacked trellis post and would be spared the intrusion of almost any vehicular traffic. As well, he would be pampered by Jan and Les! Puss was very put-out by the whole affair and was little comforted by my reassurance. We stayed in Cowra for a few days to try to help him settle in but were suprised by how quickly he reverted to a kind of half-wild state. He comes by now, under the cover of darkness for his dinners, and is extremely elusive. Eight-and-a-half years of sharehousing together have been put aside and now Jan and Les are doing their best to win him over again. Inadvertently, they also end up supporting a number of neighbouring felines that appreciate the extra suppers!

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Jan and Jenny and I took a morning tea of scones with cream and jam to Les, on Tuesday morning the 10th, while he took a break from spraying prior to the impending bud-burst. Though still quite cool, the relatively wet recent conditions have made Cowra lush and green again. As well, the harvest this year is expected to be quite good.

From OuttaFox

In the next few updates, I will be relating the last hurrah that we held at The Fox and then how we got serious about moving out. We did really hook in to the moving gig so that we could get away on a little driving holiday, the details and some photos of which will be appearing soon too.

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