Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Vodafone Cup, Round Three

The third-grade Owls and I competed against Queanbeyan on a bright autumn Saturday at Taylor Park.

From QBN1

I take the ball in to contact dragging a fellow along on my boot.

From QBN1

Nerdal and others clean out over the ruck that subsequently formed.

From QBN1

Chasing a few tries, I receive a ball from our full-back on the ground. Rashly, I grab the QBN winger and consider using him as a human battering-ram.

From QBN1

After posting a couple of tries and valiantly contesting our line-outs, we conceded to QBN, 22-14.

From QBN1

After a rest this weekend, the main competition, the John I Dent Cup, will commence. We will have our first game with The Vikings.


Scarykrill said...

Looked like a beautiful day for a run around

Alcifer said...

Yes, the weather was superb! It was very different to that of the previous weekend. Good running weather.