Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Optimistic boating

Following a drawn-out attempt to have me see reason, we settled on launching our vessels from the eastern shore of a bend in the Clyde river just north of the locality of Brooman. Laboriously, we inflated our ($20) boats and were bouyed (excuse me) by the copious depth and breadth of the river at that point.

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Princesses appreciate luxury. Here, Glynn tows an esky of beer (hat-tip) in a specially-designed pontoon.

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The Clyde, at its lowest in 100 years, was unable to support boats of even our modest draft. Inhospitable terrain forced us ashore after two hours on the water. After a late dinner'n'drinks on Friday I was malfunctioning and retired early to my hootchie. The lads stayed up with the fire and explained again, to the bemused farmers-on-horseback that we had planned to make it to Nelligen for lunch on Sunday, the following day.

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Reasoning that we were going to need a week at this rate to complete the intended journed, we trekked back to the car. We took only 12 minutes to arrive at the Focus! Really, at the rate we moved, a month would have been more appropriate!

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We made our way back to Nelligen along the River Road, passing over Shallow Crossing. The lower sections of the river are tidal and the current was flowing backwards in the morning. Had we miraculously made it this far, we'd have been frustrated by the current!

The lads and I stopped in at the Braidwood Hotel for a refreshing ale. (No Fanty here, Roberts).

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Scarykrill said...

What a debacle, glad I culdn't make it in the end. By the way, my hootichie just arrived. Time to go tarp and rope hunting.

Alcifer said...

You need to visit Bunnings! Get builder's plastic sheet for your groundsheet and sportsman's cord. Small pegs are available at Camping World in Belconnen.

I thought that you'd have loved an adventure like this! You're in to Inward Bound and extreme endurance events, right?