Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hiking and Camping in the Grose Valley

Last weekend, Emma organised for our contingent to spend most of the long weekend in the Blue Mountains. Phil, our expert navigator, points the way.

Emma carries a pack of sensible size and Wolfgang hefts a ton.

This photograph was taken on Saturday, along Lockley's walking track, as we approached the climb down in to the valley.

Wolfgang and I surveyed the valley from our rocky precipice.

I pitched my hootchie at the Acacia Flat campground. I hadn't learnt how to tie many useful knots when I was a child. I had to learn a few before we set out, to make the hootchie so successful. I learnt the Siberian hitch, the taut-line hitch, the clove hitch and Penberthy Prusik knot.

Jenny poses in front of a waterfall on the Grose river before we carelessly quench our thirsts in preparation for the very steep ascent.

Phil, Wolfgang and I clambered up the rocks to shower underneath a waterfall. After climbing down, I was thrown into a brief panic as a small leech had latched onto my exposed ankle.

We look west, here, over the Grose Valley as we make our ascent of about 300 metres via Govett's Leap (near Blackheath).

Here is a short panoramic video that Jenny filmed.

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