Friday, May 30, 2008

Bugged out

In winter, Puss really likes to stay inside on a bed. (A hot-water bottle is underneath the doona).

Some of us made a (finally successful) last-minute effort to visit Lauren's "Yen for Thirty" exhibition at the Canberra School of Art.

Jen, Phil and I commune with strange insects at lunchtime. Identification of the wingless soldier fly was tough. This time, we may need to call in some big guns. I have never, in my twenty-six years, seen a bug like this! (This photo is for real and the bug has not been tampered with). I tried to hold the insect but it can jump as well as a grasshopper. In the end, I lost it on the soil because it camouflages so well.


Alcifer said...

It looks kind of like a crab. I wonder if it might be a type of louse?

Rimsy said...

I've got no idea what it is at this stage Pinks. It's hard to know where to start as I've never seen anything like it before in terms of insects.

Alcifer said...

Daniel Marlos from the very entertaining website, What's that Bug, identified this insect as a Gum Hopper or Wattle Hopper (Eurybrachyid Planthopper) and makes reference to Peter Chew's Brisbane Insects and Spiders site.

McMaster said...

Well, that one had me stumped, so you have all sorts of insects trying to eat your lunch