Sunday, December 16, 2007

Murrumbidgee Swim

I really have missed the Ginninderra Falls since access to that swimming hole became prohibited a couple of years ago. This summer, I have teamed up with Google Maps to locate new swimming holes. Ash and Elene came out with Jen and I to take a dip in a tranquil little spot that I found just north of Canberra.

We did a little bit of exploring around the crossing that we stopped at and were surprised that there are some many fish in this part of the river that you can't help bumping in to them! In the photo below, you can see the lower half of a dugong (or is it a massive white groper) that has made it's way up the river to feed.

I just spun around on the spot to take the short video shown below.

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Anonymous said...

You found this spot! That's like Burke fogetting to mention Wills!