Saturday, December 08, 2007

Motoring around

Jenny and I dropped in on Rimsy's riding class on Saturday afternoon while we were touring around on the GS500 together. By now I hope that Rimsy has picked up the 1999 Yamaha FZX250 Zeal that I have been petitioning him to purchase in anticipation of his success this weekend at the rider's course.

To keep the entomological theme running (Rimsy has formal training in the area), will a reader please identify this insect? It is a variety that has chosen to share the bench with Jen and I at lunchtime at uni.


Rimsy said...

I haven't checked it Pink, but off the top of my head I believe it's a lady bird larva. Could be wrong tho.

McMaster said...

I think your right rimsy hard to see the 9 adominal segments but looks like it.
Must be some good eating round there pinko!

Alcifer said...

Thanks, BrainsTrust - you have convinced me. I had a look on google for pictures of these insects and found that there is quite a lot of variability in the appearance of these ladybird larvae. I didn't even know that they went through this larval stage. What do they eat in this part of their life-cycle? I see them just wandering around on the wooden table and can't imagine what food they might be looking for.

McMaster said...

I believe that at this stage they are still carnivourous and eat stuff like aphids and other similar small insects, probably quite alot within the cracks of the wood and flying around.