Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easter @ Tathra

Fish weren't biting on the lines around Tathra wharf, but Marko and I were able to take a couple of leatherjackets on the spear. (~35 cm)

Homies all round.

Take the tip: Hobart Beach campground at Bournda National Park

Hobart Beach played host to bocci, cricket, rugby and body surfing. The water at this time of the year is at a great temperature.

I'm sure you all had a blast - see you at the coast again soon if we can get another trip in before the cool weather arrives!


McMaster said...

hey pinko
looks like AN awesome easter! well will type more when get hands out of casts broke right thumb and left hand so will prob be coming home soon

Alcifer said...

It sure was a blast, Mixmaster.

You sound pretty knocked about! Was it a skiing or piano accident? I'm sorry to hear about your injury but I do look forward to seeing you when you get back to Oz. Both hands out of action... What a tragedy...

Kevin said...

nice photos!!!
I will catch up with you guys after I get back from climbing in Victoria