Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cowra Picnic Races 2006

Canberrans, then Sydney-ites commenced the weekend with a drink at the Boorowa hotel on the way to Cowra for a the Races!

Thursday night was spent in with a barbecue, homebrews, and sing-a-longs with Ash (later redubbed Buster) on the guitar. Still, we scrubbed up and were bright-eyed on Friday morning.

The only nag I backed came in second. I had it on the nose, unfortunately. At least it was only $5!

Chris also backed a nag. Buster and Jen knew better.

Phil and Katie just chilling out.

Fashions in the field finalists.

Buster! You can always tell a Milford Man.

Though the sun was still up, the mischief had started...

The lady who made it possible! Hooray for Pia.

The transformation...

Buster is in trouble..

That tie is perfect, Ash!

Now it is a case of the thorn between two roses.

Now just two roses:

Then it was in to town and partying on until late. I really am still recovering. Kev and Louis were in scuffles, Chris was electrocuted but that's the races for you.

Oh and good on you to Ash and Louis for backing up for your fourth day in a row and having another big one in Canberra on the Saturday night. What is your secret?


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy 23rd Birthday Jenny!

Hi Jenny - happy birthday for today! Nice work - your team (RSC) winner their soccer game yesterday 3-1.

I really like the beautiful '95 Saab. My favourite feature is the heated seats! Yes, guys, this is one luxurious car from the Swedes. Ever heard of the elk test?

Have a great day Jen and we will be sure to be celebrating with you well in to next week.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Corolla Leaves the Nest

"Don't Speak" provided the sonic background for the dissolution of a long-standing union. My little Rolla' turned 18 years old this year and it was time for it to seek it's own fortunes in the world.

Premier Automotive in Mitchell will help to 'Rolla find a new role out there and hopefully he'll bring a little of the automotive pleasure to someone else that I have enjoyed for almost 100000 km.

It's a little hard for me to relive some of the momentus ups and downs that we've had together, the 'Rolla and I, but soon enough I will be ready again.

Bye little mate.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The 'Rolla Takes a Turn

My 1988 Toyota Corolla AE82 has taken a turn in recent weeks - the head gasket has blown. My long serving (greater than 90000 km, almost six years) companion is in trouble. I am faced with a tough decision:

Cost to repair the blown head gasket ~ $500
Value of the Corolla at the wrecking yard ~ $50

She is booked in to have her operation on Tuesday, but I am taking the weekend to deliberate over the decision. I find it tough not to be sentimental about vehicles, and I have made a real effort to be rational about my decision.

Here are a couple of my other vehicles that departed before their time.

1981 ZJ Ford Fairlane:

1970 LC Holden Torana:

Also there is the case of my 1983 GB Ford Meteor which I bought and sold in 2000 after it blew its head gasket. I sometimes wonder if I should have just fixed it and hung on to the car... A pertinent consideration for my current situation?