Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cowra Picnic Races 2006

Canberrans, then Sydney-ites commenced the weekend with a drink at the Boorowa hotel on the way to Cowra for a the Races!

Thursday night was spent in with a barbecue, homebrews, and sing-a-longs with Ash (later redubbed Buster) on the guitar. Still, we scrubbed up and were bright-eyed on Friday morning.

The only nag I backed came in second. I had it on the nose, unfortunately. At least it was only $5!

Chris also backed a nag. Buster and Jen knew better.

Phil and Katie just chilling out.

Fashions in the field finalists.

Buster! You can always tell a Milford Man.

Though the sun was still up, the mischief had started...

The lady who made it possible! Hooray for Pia.

The transformation...

Buster is in trouble..

That tie is perfect, Ash!

Now it is a case of the thorn between two roses.

Now just two roses:

Then it was in to town and partying on until late. I really am still recovering. Kev and Louis were in scuffles, Chris was electrocuted but that's the races for you.

Oh and good on you to Ash and Louis for backing up for your fourth day in a row and having another big one in Canberra on the Saturday night. What is your secret?



McMaster said...

Hey Pinko

Great to see you all, Maybe I should of stayed on that beer at Boorowa and i wouldnt of been seeing double all day saturday.
Big thanks to Pia for the day and that $50 tent from ebay (Pia, my eskys still at your place).
Till the next time and round of shenanigans keep on drinking.
Was good to catch up Pinko will def have to organise something again soon before i go o/s

angewalsh said...

Hey Pinko,
Love your photos!! I've just updated my blog too so you can all check it out. Was great to have all you canberra guys there.. was definitely a very fun day! Although feel like I'm still recovering..!
Pinko.. you coming to sydney any time soon??

fin said...

Keep your diaries clear Canberrians for a joint party (probably at the Belco residence at this stage) on 12 August to celebrate mine and Nat's 24th birthdays - should be a fun night!

That goes for you Scace and the rest of the Sydney clan!

Alcifer said...

A trip to Sydney soon... I wonder. I haven't planned anything yet..

Another Belco' bash coming up, Fin? Sounds great! I will keep on brewing in the meantime.



Katie said...

Hey Pinko, it looks like you had fun! I was thinking of you all throughout the day!

Anonymous said...

hey pinko i think you need another competition for a bottle of home brew.