Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy 23rd Birthday Jenny!

Hi Jenny - happy birthday for today! Nice work - your team (RSC) winner their soccer game yesterday 3-1.

I really like the beautiful '95 Saab. My favourite feature is the heated seats! Yes, guys, this is one luxurious car from the Swedes. Ever heard of the elk test?

Have a great day Jen and we will be sure to be celebrating with you well in to next week.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jen! Looking forward to sharing a drink or two with you at the races!

Pinko - is this your new car? The Saab? Who ever said uni students were poor?

Bree and I are leaving for Cowra today after work - see you tomorrow!


Jen said...

Thanks Paula,

It will be great to see you and all the other Cowra people at the races.

The Saab is my new car! The post didn't really make that clear. I'll get it out on the open road for the first time this afternoon. Looking forward to it.