Thursday, July 09, 2009

Rowan hosts a bogan-themed party

Rowan, in bogan attire, is in the home-fabricated nerve-centre of the party. I didn't appreciate how appropriate skulls were as decoration until their link to the suburb was pointed out to me. Pretty relevant to drinking too, I guess. Oh - look out for what happens when you pull the white cord (in the upper-right of this photograph), and ring the attached bell!

From RowanP

Ah! A wood-elf at a bogan-party! I chose to rug up and inadvertently concealed my southern cross tattoo. (My "mark of the bogan" took days to remove!)

From RowanP


Ange Spruce said...

What's the link to their suburb? and what happens when the white cord is pulled??! So many questions!! :)

Alcifer said...

Hey Ange!

Having just arrived, Jen pulled the cord and rang the bell at the bar. Despite being my driver, like a good sport Jen gracefully accepted the proffered shot of vodka.

There was a multitude of skulls adorning the bar. The horned goat skull was the strangest. Fittingly, the party was hosted in the suburb about a mile west of Lake Gininderra, Scullin.