Friday, November 28, 2008

Movember climax

Steve was my Mo-Bro and we celebrated moustaches at the Canberra gala evening held last night at O'Malley's Irish Pub. (Homo-Bro not shown).

From Hitlerian

Mo-Sistas rolled up and joined in the festivities. I love the mexican look!

From Hitlerian

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dumas Street: Warmed Against the Odds

Adam and Jess hosted their housewarming on Saturday, the coldest day since September 4 this year. It was raining and the wind was gusting at up to 70km/h. We had a fun time, though, and trust that Dumas Street is thoroughly warmed now.

From 96Dumas

Half-litre Kaiserdom's were hitting the spot, especially since Steve, Jen and I rode push-bikes out the Rimsy's house.

From 96Dumas

The Kaiserdom fits snugly into this custom beer-holder.

From 96Dumas

Notice that the roof tilts slightly away from the house?

From 96Dumas

When Rimsy get's these glowing eyes, it means that he going to burn something!

From 96Dumas

See why Tracey is so worried!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy 25th birthday, Lenski

We celebrated Elene's 25th birthday with her at the Shaque D'Amour.

From Elene25
Appropriately, Steve was on the MB's.

From Elene25
Trace ran the Goon-of-Fortune.

From Elene25
Here, I steal Ash's move and lunge into the background of this otherwise-fine photograph.

From Elene25

Monday, November 17, 2008

Wrong way 'round

Ash and I took our moto's through farmland north of Canberra on Saturday afternoon, over great stretches of gravel.  Our route is shown below.  The most significant gravel section is between Cavan and the Murrumbidge River crossing.

Interestingly, farmers frequently deter drivers from crossing their land by posting "private property - keep out" and "no through road" signs.  However their gates are wide open because they recognise that an easement on their property is active.  We used easements to cross farmland to Cavan en route to Wee Jasper.  We made it through despite signage giving contradictory advice.  From Cavan, we utilized a more conventional route to return to Canberra.

Monday, November 10, 2008

1980 Honda CB250

Ash has aqcuired a motorcycle, affectionately dubbed "Number 5" because of its startling reseblence to the famous robot from the 1986 sci-fi film.

Here, we strike the pose of an economical Thai family.

Bye, Leah Marley

Leah leaves us to start her professional medical career in Melbourne after an African trip.  In her honour, we sang karaoke.

We were at the Sunbox on the Monday night of our long long weekend.

We migrated to the Fox and kept on rocking 'til late.

Stonefest at UC

Stone-fest-er's and others gathered for lunch at UC last weekend.

I harvested my first crop of beans later that afternoon and ate them.

Kaleen Halloween

Nora hosted a Halloween party last weekend.

I'm a pimp (thanks Jen!) and Torsten is (evidently) a pirate.

A storm-trooper helmet spices up any outfit.

Renaissance princess meets pop princess.