Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dumas Street: Warmed Against the Odds

Adam and Jess hosted their housewarming on Saturday, the coldest day since September 4 this year. It was raining and the wind was gusting at up to 70km/h. We had a fun time, though, and trust that Dumas Street is thoroughly warmed now.

From 96Dumas

Half-litre Kaiserdom's were hitting the spot, especially since Steve, Jen and I rode push-bikes out the Rimsy's house.

From 96Dumas

The Kaiserdom fits snugly into this custom beer-holder.

From 96Dumas

Notice that the roof tilts slightly away from the house?

From 96Dumas

When Rimsy get's these glowing eyes, it means that he going to burn something!

From 96Dumas

See why Tracey is so worried!


Phillip Gatt said...

Sorry I missed ot, touch of the runs you know...

Orbie said...

Gross, Phil. Too much info!