Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ghent, Belgium

The lads and I dropped into Brussels on Friday and we stayed at the Hotel Continental.

This week, I've been an attendee at the Boss XI chemistry conference in Ghent, Belgium.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Owls clash with Jamison

The oversized Jamison team came back to bite the Owls after we took the early lead.

Jen snapped me in action on the sting. A subsequent chip-kick failed to yield a difference on the score-board.

Ambulances were a popular choice for transport home in our thirds' game. I trust that the stricken players are on the road to recovery by now. I'm glad that next week is a bye for everyone.

Up to speed

Angie had her birthday party at the start of June and Singstar made an appearance, by special request.

Jenny, Phil and I enjoyed Emma's Saturday-night fireworks display on Mount Stromlo on the Queen's Birthday long weekend.

The Owls treated Royals to a win on our turf on 14 June. That's my head poking out from the bottom of the ruck.

That evening, Mixy's ANU team played a late, cold game of hockey against Uni of Canberra. Jen and I rode down from Bruce to catch the game after the barbecue at Eardley Street.

The Monc' hosted, on Friday 20 June, arguably their best party yet: Where's Wally. Marko had just finished his mid-year exams and spiced up the party. Too bad about that home-ground advantage!

When Jen and I returned from our excursion to O'Neil's this week, Puss presented us with kind gift.

Brew 73

On Sunday, last weekend, I started my 73rd brew. I intend to make this brew the second batch that I keg up in my new sytem.

The recipe for brew 73 is based around an imitation of Blue Label Chimay:1

  • Light malt extract, 3kg ("Black Rock")
  • Brown sugar, ~400g
  • Blended honey, ~200g
  • Bittering hops, Hallertau pellets, ~40g
  • Bittering hops, Goldings pellets, ~20g
  • Cracked "Joe White" roasted barley, ~40g (1200-1400 EBC)
  • Yeast: Safbrew WB-06

I periodically noted the density and temperature of the brew over the week in which it was brewed. External heating was applied three times over the course of fermentation to regain a reasonable rate of alcohol generation. This data is shown graphically.

  1. Rodgers-Wilson, M., "Brewing Crafts", 2004, Chimay Blue Label, 180.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Hodgo is 25 today!

Happy Birthday, Egg. Enjoy the cake!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Dr. Stephen Martin's Kawasaki Service

Dr. Stephen Martin's Kawasaki Service in O'Connor, Canberra, received a plug on the FM radio station "Mix 106.3" as part of a promotion entitled "Best of Canberra 2008".  This recording was made at 1.30pm on Tuesday, 2 July 2008.