Sunday, July 06, 2008

Brew 73

On Sunday, last weekend, I started my 73rd brew. I intend to make this brew the second batch that I keg up in my new sytem.

The recipe for brew 73 is based around an imitation of Blue Label Chimay:1

  • Light malt extract, 3kg ("Black Rock")
  • Brown sugar, ~400g
  • Blended honey, ~200g
  • Bittering hops, Hallertau pellets, ~40g
  • Bittering hops, Goldings pellets, ~20g
  • Cracked "Joe White" roasted barley, ~40g (1200-1400 EBC)
  • Yeast: Safbrew WB-06

I periodically noted the density and temperature of the brew over the week in which it was brewed. External heating was applied three times over the course of fermentation to regain a reasonable rate of alcohol generation. This data is shown graphically.

  1. Rodgers-Wilson, M., "Brewing Crafts", 2004, Chimay Blue Label, 180.

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