Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spruce wedding

Last week, Angela Walsh married Antony Spruce at St. Raphael's Catholic Church in Cowra. I didn't burn up upon entering the building.

This is the front of the church.

The reception at the Cowra Golf Club was good fun.

The Roberts' kindly permitted the lads and I to undertake our recovery in their hot-tub on Sunday.

Out at the vineyard, Jenny and I surveyed the mature, and very large, pumpkins. In the background a passenger steam engine chugs by.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Camping at Mount Clear

Mount Clear campground is located at the southern end of Namadgi National Park, in a snow hollow. Being in such a cool location, I considered it a useful opportunity to test out my down sleeping bag in concert with my hoochie.

This is a great campground, adjacent to a cool stream - great for chilling a few homebrews down. As well there is a huge supply of cut firewood. Jenny and I set up a fire but still used the ethanol burner to heat our dinner.

Typically, this is a very quiet campground. A little after dark, however, the campground was inundated by the arrival of several vehicles and an entire scout troupe. Thankfully, its a big ground and we "regular people" were given a considerate berth.

It was cool overnight, so cool that I shook ice from my hoochie in the morning, but my accommodation passed its first test. Jen brought along her tent as our insurance policy.

Sunday was beautiful and clear, so Jenny and I hiked up Shanahan's mountain. The view here is facing to the east from close to the summit.

Here, Jen is trekking through a particularly lichen-encrusted grove.

I almost forgot this: at near to the end of our trip, I crossed path with this little fellow. Rimsy, do you think that you could identify this insect?

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hodgo's soccer carnival

Jen joins her ANU soccer team mates at UC for a trial game.

Here, Jen strides in defense.

Jen was awarded a penalty for this incident. (Not a trophy).

It is lunchtime here and a hungry dog and a snotty baby watch on.

Getting to know Bruce

Bruce Campbell is Ash. And now Ash is in Bruce.

Phil, Jen and I gave Kearto' a hand moving some of his loot in to the new pad that he is sharing with Mixy and Louis.

The boys are going to furnish the apartment like a hotel and brew their own beer. I really hope that some of these awesome developments will appear on Ash's blog too.

Mikey's Mocktobertfest

Phil, Jen and I backed up again for pints at the German club in Narrabundah, in order to farewell Mikey.

The band gave renditions of German and English favourites.

Adventurous blokes danced in this strange way together.

Uni Pub

On Friday, I travelled with some friends to the upper-most floor of the Uni-Pub. I pose here with Elene and Kate.

Phil and Freddie are great guys.

We can't get enough of Big-L now that he's back in the country. Thankyou, as an aside, Louis and Han for the postcard from Poland - we received the surprise in the mail on Monday!

Chemistry of Beer

Mixy joined the chemists for an evening of beer sampling at the Wig and Pen. Of course, our little party was the last to leave as we worked our way through the range of beers, schooner by schooner.