Sunday, August 24, 2008

My European Trip

Roberts, Scotty and I flew to Brussels in mid-July. We visited Jubilee Park in Brussels and the Triumphal Arch is shown here.

I travelled to Ghent for the Belgian Organic Synthesis Symposium. Here, I have climbed the belfry and was viewing St Baafskathedraal.

I presented a poster at the conference that encapsulated the research that I have conducted in the first part of my PhD.

While at the conference I made met a bunch of friendly people from the Uni of York.

Our bus tour started from Berlin. Some sections of the infamous wall have been preserved. Our tour passed through the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and finished in Poland.

Elene and Saara greeted us in Helsinki. One of our most memorable activities was the trip out to Johannes' island for saunas and a barbecue on the Baltic.

Our party spent four days in Estonia. Here, Roberts defeated me in an archery competition and has vowed to take up the sport in Australia.

Via Sweden, we travelled to the UK where Kevo kindly played host for me.

I'm lacking photos to illustrate our loop around the UK where we made stop-0vers in Oxford and York. I visited Germany again and enjoyed staying in Katherine's charming university town, M√ľnster. The lads and I flew out from Brussels and took two days in Hong Kong on the way to Sydney.

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