Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cassie Sands

Casurina Sands makes a great retreat from the summer heat and its easy to reach on the motorbike.

The river swells out here into a large pool because of the weir.

Here's a peaceful shot that doesn't include the raucous bunch of blokes out in the middle of the river wrestling.

Earlier in the lab, this stirrer bar was going wild.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Water World Monc Party

The great Monc street party was themed "office".

Bespectacled Rini dressed very professionally.

Egg, what a tie! Your dress sense is superb.

Who let the car salesmen in?

There were some very serious warm-ups to house shots out on the balcony.

And then there was the main event.

With the police sent on their way, the guys were really letting their hair down.

Top red bear set-up, Trace.

Boating on Lake Burley Griffin

What an awesome cheap import! Not me, the boat - just $15 was sufficient to supply this inflatable boat from KMart. The wet weather put Egg and I off our trip to the coast, but I was eager to try out me boat, so we rode down to Lake Burley Griffin wit it.

The inflation step was arduous, but I was soon launching in to the lake. It was certainly no speed machine, but it was very relaxing to bob around in the lake.

I was having a stub' out on the lake in this shot and could have easily handled a few more out there.

The swans and their rather large cygnets were slightly more graceful in the water than I.

I'm little more than a speck here as I paddled my way over to Elene's museum on the other side of the lake. At my cracking pace, it takes about 45 min to traverse the lake.