Sunday, November 04, 2007

Boating on Lake Burley Griffin

What an awesome cheap import! Not me, the boat - just $15 was sufficient to supply this inflatable boat from KMart. The wet weather put Egg and I off our trip to the coast, but I was eager to try out me boat, so we rode down to Lake Burley Griffin wit it.

The inflation step was arduous, but I was soon launching in to the lake. It was certainly no speed machine, but it was very relaxing to bob around in the lake.

I was having a stub' out on the lake in this shot and could have easily handled a few more out there.

The swans and their rather large cygnets were slightly more graceful in the water than I.

I'm little more than a speck here as I paddled my way over to Elene's museum on the other side of the lake. At my cracking pace, it takes about 45 min to traverse the lake.

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Rimsy said...

Nice work, Gilligan. Not a bad buy for 15 clams.