Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Monday, September 24, 2007

Luderick and the white groper

On Saturday afternoon, and then again on Sunday after the big party, Roberts and I did some swimming and spearfishing from the rocks at the southern end of Coogee beach.

The photograph below was taken on my moments after the previous previous one. The waves made our entry and exit a little challenging.

My scout went for a slide along the barnacles on Saturday but still backed up for another dip on Sunday with a huge party in between. We didn't catch any of the school of luderick that Roberts located. I felt like I was chasing a flock of ducks around an oval or something - so we bought fish instead. (At "A Fish Called Coogee")

Roberts' 26th Birthday Party

Happy 26th birthday, Roberts!

The lads are getting their value (all $750k) out of legendary Todman Ave. I picked up a flyer but a PhD stipend won't quite stretch to cover the costs.

JB's at the bottom of this dog-pile.

John Williamson is on?

Here is a short vid' from the evening.

Thanks a lot guys, Jenny and I had a blast up in Sydney on the weekend!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Nightmare - The Interactive Video Board Game

The Gatekeeper was bossing his "maggots" around, as usual.

Two jugs per game (1 h) is about right.

Mix, being another old hand at the game, timed his victory to fall in the last minute of both games.

This is a shot from our second round of Nightmare, hosted by Anne de Chaintraine, the witch.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Rothbury Vineyard in Cowra

We stopped in at the Rothbury Vineyard in Cowra on our journey home on Sunday. Jan and Les guided our tour through the vineyard that now doubles as sheep-grazing land. You can see that bud-burst is now well-advanced. So, bright sunshine interspersed with a bit of rain will be ideal but please... No frosts!

Here is Jenny in front of the timid flock.

Fun Run for Charity at Bathurst

It is a thankfully short trip from Orange to Bathurst. Jenny and I hung out with Marko and feasted, had a few brews and partook in a relaxing sauna and spa at the recently refurbished Bathurst aquatic centre.

Geometry Wars (for XBox360) had me mesmerized. I would kind of like a 360 now...

60th Annual Scots Ball, Orange

The Sullivans kindly hosted us on Friday as we attended the 60th Annual Scots Ball in Orange.

The dancefloor was a showcase for classic dancing and classy dancers.

The pipe band was great - and loud!

Jenny and I danced on Friday too. The only item I missed was a kilt!

My daemon

This is my daemon (hat tip to The Golden Compass). We eat lunch together every day.

We even share the same dress sense.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Just $750k could see you lord it over this pristine slice of real estate.

Visit domain for the details.

Why not pop in for an inspection this Saturday afternoon? (Viewings by appointment at 2pm).

The above photos only vaguely resemble the Todman Ave palace as I know it...

Perhaps we could form a syndicate and buy the joint? It's good investment, right?

Monday, September 10, 2007

ANU Women's Soccer Semi-Final

ANU girls were up against Woden in the semi-final game on Sunday.

Jen is about to knock the air out of the ball here.

Elene has time for a little boot-scootin'. ANU played well and went down 2-1 after taking an early lead and going to half-time at 1 a piece.

And then I worked a bit of Scrabble in to the weekend!

Speed Freaks

I'm still a couple of months away from riding around with girls on the back of my bike, but Phil has had plenty of practice.

'Lenski had a steamy time.

Classy North Bar

Monday, September 03, 2007

Hot Sand, Cold Water

Steve M has all of the photos from our gang's motorcycle trip to Murramarang National Park on the weekend. Glynn and I were in the water spearing for about three-quarters of an hour and it was COLD.

Thanks Glynn, for the link.

I hope Steve posts some of those photos soon!


And here are the photos - thanks Steve!

We have stopped here just west of Bungendore to shoot the breeze.

We made our way along some treacherous rocky terrain and stopped here prior to proceeding down to "Dark Beach with Strong-Man-Stoking-Fire".

And again, minus riders: Kawasaki ZZR250, Suzuki GS500, Honda CBR250R

Spears at the ready!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Elene's Awesome Party

We warmed up at North.

The Thomas boys.

A scary man danced.

Then the girls boot-scooted.

The silver pillow was in force.