Friday, September 14, 2007


Just $750k could see you lord it over this pristine slice of real estate.

Visit domain for the details.

Why not pop in for an inspection this Saturday afternoon? (Viewings by appointment at 2pm).

The above photos only vaguely resemble the Todman Ave palace as I know it...

Perhaps we could form a syndicate and buy the joint? It's good investment, right?


McMaster said...

it cleans up suprisingly never seen it in that way! so wheres the new vemue for out of control shenanigans?!

Rimsy said...

Was saddened to read the passing on of Todman Ave. Is there a contingent heading up for Roberts' birthday? If so where is it at?

Alcifer said...

I think that I may have given the wrong impression. The lads are still at Todman Avenue and they may be installed there for some time to come yet.