Sunday, February 25, 2007

Condomine Street is All Fired Up!

Rimsy, the lead guitarist in our band, hosted a very thorough warming of his house on Saturday afternoon and evening. There is a link to Rimsy's new blog on the right-hand side of this page, right now.

The kitchen was, as in all good house parties, became established as the epicentre of the excitement.

Rosé fans unite!

We rounded the evening off with a trip in to the Transit Bar. Or, if you've been in Canberra for a while, then it's the old Church Bar. Or, if you enjoy Canberra as much as I have and have been lapping it up since Coops was in the army, then it's the old Aree Bar.


McMaster said...

hey pinko

hows it going? looks like the parties are carrying on though it looks like you bought some beers for the bash and left the home brew at home!!

Alcifer said...

G'day Mixmaster,

The homebrew is going strong, of course - Jenny and I bottled on Saturday and put on brews forty-eight and forty-nine, a pale ale and a lager, respectively.

Rimsy was a gracious host and a recent convert to the Pure Blondes, so we were in to them. As Rimsy says, "Gentlemen prefer blondes."

They are easy drinking - maybe a little too easy, if you catch my drift..

Comin' home soon, Mix'?

McMaster said...

Hey pinko
still a way off returning yet flying to UK in may then will see from there