Monday, January 01, 2007

Summer Solctice Break

The pilgramage to Cowra over summer was good fun. Roberts was flaunting his style here at the local RSL club after we were nearly boo-ed off stage for our rendition of Khe Sanh.

Bateman's Bay was a good spot to have a dip between Xmas and New Year's Eve - so much so that every government servant and his dog was there too! Jenny and I headed up in to the National Park so we could easily find some space to swim and snorkel peacefully.

The warm weather has been very conducive to brewing and the stockpile that Jenny and I have amassed now numbers in excess of 200 long-necks of homebrew. I am glad for the warm weather, though it hailed yesterday and we had to cover the car in case of damage! Check out the T-shirt, by the way. Thanks Phil for the top design, we eagerly await your return from the US soon!

Jenny and Mel snapped this photo of my much-loved GS500 while Marko and I were having a hit of tennis at the ANU. The moto' now has almost three thousand kilometres on the clock.

Last night was, of course, New Year's Eve. Jenny and I hosted some festivities here at the Fox and then headed in to find a vantage point near the National Museum, and just on the edge of the lake, from wich we could watch the fireworks. Thanks to those guys who could make it over to toast to the new year with us over a few homebrews at the Fox yesterday. Oh and all the best with the new job in Singo', Mel - hopefully Jenny and I will catch you again before you head off!


McMaster said...

Hey happy new years, did you miss the ute pool this year or wasn't that hot!!

angewalsh said...

Happy New Years Pinko, Jen and Mcmaster!! How's things Mcmaster? Pinko, visiting Sydney anytime soon?

Alcifer said...

Thanks guys,

It was actually pretty cool down here on NYE - but the ute-pool would have been welcome anyhow!

I almost came for a visit to Sydney a couple of weeks ago, but it was raining so it wouldn't have been much fun on the bike (or at the beach). I will be looking, though, for a chance to make a trip up soon.