Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cackle Around the Barbie

This is a superb method for cooking a chicken. A half-empty (or half-full?) beer can is lodged in the cavity of a chook. Said chook is then "perched" on the barbie and the lid closed. At full power, the chook was cooked superbly in 50 minutes. The purpose of the beer can is to steam the chicken from the inside. This procedure, uncovered by Chris, looks to be a winner and will be repeated again soon. Of course, for full appreciation, the chicken lunch should be accompanied by a generous number of long-necks of homebrew while playing some darts in the yard. The weather now is perfect for chilling out in the backyard cooking chooks with cans of beer in them.


angewalsh said...

Hmm... Interesting! I knew you had to be able to beer batter almost anything! Would love to try some of that chicken some time Pinko!

Alcifer said...

Good news for you Ange, I have saved you some chicken-beer!

angewalsh said...

Now is that beer flavoured chicken or chicken flavoured beer?? hmmmm...!