Monday, October 29, 2007

A duet

Happy 20th birthday, Lauren!

And Happy 23th birthday to you, Ash!

Beware the EU!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Richmond Beach, Murrumarang

A massive gum blocked our path along the dirt track to Richmond beach that we were following in the Saab on Saturday morning. Jenny led to way over the obstacle.

We snorkelled and lounged about at the beach while it was sunny and then headed home after the obligatory fish'n'chips when the rains arrived.

Computer Science Students' Society

Mooseheads was pouring free ones for members of the CSSS and their guests on Friday so the GRDC lads joined Jen and I for a few brews and a chance to mix with the computer society. Mix' also inched his way to the lifetime goal of 1 million different photographs of him holding a beer.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Motorcycle touring on the South Coast

The Gutters in Shellharbour hosted our gladiatorial episodes.

Guerilla Bay didn't yield a banquet but made for a refreshing swim after a sweltering ride.

We posed again at Durack after covering 850+ km in a little over a day and marked the end of an awesome touring adventure.

What's on, Esme?

My old mate from the Summer Scholarship 2004/5, Eric (Esme) visted us from Adelaide a couple of weeks back. A trip to the Moose was obligatory.

Floriade 2007

Floriade was bright and colourful again this year. Jen and I visited the display at the end of September. Did you know that this tulip has ruffled petals because it is infected with a virus? Did you know that tulips and reproduce sexually by producing seeds (like people) or asexually through bulbs (like Campsie)?

Oh yes, there were flowers!

And here are two swans with their... cygnets.

The Wiz

O'Neil's was sporting its own evil Wiz-kid a while back - thanks for the photo, Tracey (and thanks to photographer 'Lenski).

Also, happy birthday again!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Out on the bikes

The Echidna that lives on the main street of Hall.

Steve is posed in the picturesque country-side on the way to Wee Jasper.

We had a ride a long way down from the signs warning of strong waves and submerged fences and trees to find a little of what is left of Burrunjuck Dam.